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Leskinen - Keski-Vähälä - Smeds - Grosvenor

The Year of The Hare


Ryhmäteatterissa vuonna 2013 kantaesitetty Jäniksen Vuosi Edinburgh Fringe -festivaalilla elokuussa 2015! Skotlantilainen sovitus ja näyttelijät, suomalainen ohjaus ja tuotanto.

The guilty parties who brought you the award-winning hit plays The Overcoat – A Comedy of Working Life and Continuous Growth – A Comedy about Productivity at the Edinburgh Fringe Festivals in 2011 and 2012, now present:

Grosvenor – Leskinen – Keski-Vähälä – Smeds
A Human comedy
Freely based on the novel by Arto Paasilinna

Written by Esa Leskinen, Sami Keski-Vähälä and Kristian Smeds
Adapted by Catherine Grosvenor from the English translation by Nely Keinänen
Directed by Aleksis Meaney
Cast: David McKay, Kim Allan, Martin Docherty, Sarah McCardie

Vatanen (David McKay) is middle-aged, middle-class and works 12-hour days in his office cubicle the highlights of his life long passed. However, a chance encounter with an eccentric Hare (Kim Allan) re-awakens his lust for life and suddenly Vatanen finds himself – along with his new-found traveling companion – on an epic and surreal road trip through a world with rules and values he can no longer accept or understand. During the companions' journey the lines between reality, dreams and insanity begin to become blurred. But even this does not deter our industrious pair! The quest to find some kind of meaning in life and existence has begun!

Warning! Serious mayhem is unavoidable, so strap on your bunny ears and kiss reality goodbye, because it's gonna be a wild ride. However, there's no need to panic if you have lost your bunny ears. We can promise you will find them by end of the show...

The Year of The Hare – A Human comedy is an anarchic and riotous but ultimately touching comedy about human beings and other animals living together in a rapidly changing world with more and more problems but seemingly fewer and fewer solutions.

Producer: Hanna Roisko / The Ryhmäteatteri
Musical director: Sarah McCardie
Sound designer: Jussi Kärkkäinen
Costume and Set designer: Janne Siltavuori
Video designers: Ville Vierikko and Ville Salmisalo
Photographer: Alan McCredie
Graphic designer: Ville Salmisalo

Previews Aug 5, Aug 6 and Aug 7 (£6)
World premiere Aug 8 (£9 - £10)
Performances Aug 9 – Aug 16, Aug 18 – Aug 23, Aug 25 – Aug 31 (£7 - £10)
Venue Pleasance King Dome
Time 18:45 (20:00)
Box office tel. 0131 556 6550 or
Follow us on Twitter! @VatanenAndHare